Heliotrope is the fusion of Emerald and Pyrope.


Most of the time they're quiet and intimidating, but they've got a sweet and caring side. They are usually quite introverted, but are very concerned about the situation in question.

Heliotrope is somewhat aggressive, and is not afraid to fight back. They can be somewhat stubborn at times.


Heliotrope is near Opal's height in some degree. Heliotrope has four arms, as they are a fusion. Heliotrope has dark green hair with dark red stripes. They wear a coat, over a green shirt. Heliotrope's gems are located on, one where her heart should be, and the other on one of their arms.




Unique Abilities

Pyrokinesis - Passed on from Pyrope, Heliotrope can control fire.

Shield Proficiency - Passed on from Emerald, Helitrope have the ability to summon a octagonal shield from their hands.


  • Agunachopace made the image.

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