Yes Sir

—Heliodor taking an Order from Puppet.


Heliodor can summon a Star Shield at Will, the Star Shield Can also cut many things.


Puppet Master Found Heliodor left to rot in a Trash Yard, he could relate to him, so he took Hik into his Palace and Raised Him.


The Puppet Master

Helidor looks at The Puppet Master like a Dad. He follows his Orders Without Question.

Trapiche Sapphire

Trapiche Sapphire is Basically his older sister, taking care for him when Puppet and Meta are Battling somewhere in the Universe.


Heliodor is very relaxed, and very Creative with his attacks, He likes to taunt the person attacking him.


  • Credit Goes to Leucippus for Giving me this Gem and Drawing it.

Image Description
Heliodor II Heliodor's gem is on his left Palm.

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