"Hawk's Eye" is a character in " Pietersite", as well as half of Pietersite.


Hawk's Eye's skin's color palette reflects that of his gem. He has a modern Caesar haircut and wears a body suit similar to Jasper's. He brandishes white boots and wings. His right eye is his gem.


  • Flight: Due to his physical form, Hawk's Eye has the ability to use his wings to fly.
  • Standard Gem Abilities: Hawk maintains standard gem abilities such as weapon proficiency, bubbling gems, and shape-shifting.
  • Pyrokinesis: Hawk is able to manipulate and produce fire as a defense against enemies.


Hawk's Eye is very courageous, and willing to help develop a world devoid of evil. He is competitive and spirited to the point of recklessness.


  • The gem is sometimes known as 'the falcon's eye', or as 'blue tiger's eye'.
  • It is thought to be good for sight and vision, enhancing our ability to focus.
  • Hawk's eye is believed to be a stone of protection, often used by travelers.
    • This corresponds with Hawk's Eye's bravery and charisma.


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