"Gypsum" is a gem made by BK.


He stands at 7' 5". He wears a black suit with a tie, along with a gray bowler. He wears black dress pants. He is often seen having a shadow-like figure following close behind his reflection, which is gone when he is standing still or walking slowly. The end of his sword is missing, but when he increases his Spectral Aura, it is filled in with a white shadow-like blade. He is entirely white, and his gem is located on the top of his head.


  • Spectre: Gypsum is basically a living spirit, called a spectre. He cannot possess any bodies except his own, but he can leave his own body easily. When leaving his body, Gypsum cannot be attacked but can attack others, but his spectral form can be seen. When in his Spectral Form, His body goes limp, and is entirely vulnerable to poofing, which, upon poofing, will immediately draw the Spectre back into the gem.


Quiet, dark, and moody. Not a very good friend to have, unless you like being pranked.




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