Big Quartz... How pitiful

—Green Ruby mocking BQ


Green Ruby Has A staff that Stores Energy Eack kill, the more kills, the more energy he has to do Spells, Spells take up his Energy, thats why he treis to kill gems.


Avada Kedavra: Shatters Or Cracks Gem if hit on the Gemstone, if hit anywhere else, it's Harmless.

Flipendo: Knocks Enemy off their feet.

Crucio: Puts Enemy In extreme Pain, torture method, sometimes Doesnt work

Maxima: If you Say "Avada Kedavra Maxima" the Number of Beams Will increase

Ultamous: Increases Potency of Spell

Aguamenti: Controls Water


Green Ruby has a Cocky mood all the time, He usually likes to make comments during rfghts, like "Did you think I'd miss the Fun?" He gets angry when people call him "Green Sapphire".


This is GR's Kill list in the Rebellion RP

Obsidian:Avada Kedavra 

Bentonite: Flipendo

Purple Topaz: Gem Grinding


Purple Topaz

Green Ruby is PT's old Mentor, He killed everyone PT has ever known, trying to cut him off from emotion, it didn't work, So he mind controlled him until he finally broke free, then he shattered him.

Puppet Master

Green Ruby Takes Orders From Puppet Master, he tells him who to kill next.


  • Green Ruby in Reall life doesnt Exist, but he takes Pride in that Homeworld Made him, despite him being Green.



Image Description
Green Ruby Green Ruby's Gem is on his Hand.

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