Green Moroxite is a gem made and owned by Aptos.


A fairly tall gem, around 6'0", he has faint green skin, wearing Olive Green shoes, hunter green pants, and a teal T-shirt. Their eyes are teal, and their gem is on their nose, which can still smell through.


  • Népouite (Aptos): After meeting recently, the two have been fairly close via an employer-employee necessity, which inevitably led to a mild friendship. They mostly relate over mutual feelings of separation and try and fix some of their more pressing issues.


Green Moroxite is somewhat awkward, can be fairly self depreciating and is mildly shy. He likes to have things a certain way and prefers it when others initiate conversation with him, without him having to do anything. He generally feels quite pressured by others which usually makes him just stand by. He is fairly anxious and is often wondering if others like him. He is very unsure, never really being sure of anything. He has an innate desire to be included in the secrets of others.


A newborn apatite type gem, Green Moroxite quickly became estranged for their seemingly dainty and useless abilities, creating a tendency to be shyer and more nervous. However, upon discovering their creationg of a restorative gas through their rotor, Green Moroxite found purpose theough helping others, though they were seldom present when it was needed. Eventually, they found a gem that would need their help frequently, and has ever since been dii their best to keep by their side, using his powers to aid her in case of unnecessary hallucinations or attacks.


Green Moroxite possesses standard gem abilities such as shape-shifting, gem bubbling and weapon summoning.

Unique Abilities

  • Rotor Summoning: He can summon an air rotor with a two foot handle from his gem.
  • Curative Gas: He can expel a nice smelling air from his rotor, which can cure gem effects, mind invasion and control, emotion affections, perspective manipulation and the like. --Note: When it is a natural hallucination, they only dissapear when the air goes over their simulated presence.
  • Wind Cone: He can create a strong wind cone in front of the the rotor as it spins.
  • Candy Control: He can manipulate and create small amounts of candy.


  • They were originally part of a foursome that together represented 80% of my personality.
  • Despite their similarities in crystal structure to quartz and apatite's normally aggressive and practical nature, Green Moroxite tends to be a more luxurious gem, clearly not meant for combat.


  • Moroxite is a blueish-green variety of apatite.
  • It was first discovered and recorded in Arendal, Norway.
  • It ranges from a 0 to a 5 on the Mohs hardness scale.

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