"Graphite" is a gem that was first introduced in Kindergarten Roleplay Part VI.


He is 7' 0", wears an executioner's mask, a grey-black striped sweater, grey sweatpants, and a big green "EB" on his back. He has green eyes under his mask, and is slightly rotund.


  • Extreme Strength: Rookie can lift up many objects with his strength, which is useful for toting around his mallet.
  • Team Attack: AE and Graphite can team up to do some devastating things, such as:

Spinning Combo: Graphite can swing AE around with his arm vertically, causing AE to reach great heights or slam into an enemy at high speeds.

Spinning Combo Variant: The same as the Spinning Combo, except AE will latch onto the enemy and start a barrage of rapid punches.

Dual Attack: AE will grab an assortment of items from his knapsack at Graphite, who will hit them, with his mallet, towards an enemy.


"Rookie" is loyal, good-natured, and not the most intelligent. He follows his boss, African Emerald, extremely loyally, but questions a lot of things he does, due to his good nature.



Boss, I think he's dead...

Boss, look behind y-

I dunno, I kinda like it.

I'm not sure I understand what you're saying...

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