Golden Beryl is a Homeworld gem under of Yellow Diamond.


Golden Beryl is an insane gem who enjoys the punishment of other gems as well as shattering gems herself. She is merciless in a battle and will pursue her enemy until she or an ally of hers catches them. Golden Beryl is extremely loyal to Yellow Diamond to the point of shattering anyone that stands in her Diamond's way.


Golden Beryl is a tall gem. She has yellow skin and long brown hair. She wears a messy dark yellow uniform with a yellow diamond symbol on the center of it. She has black pans and wears dark yellow boots. Her gemstone is hexagonal in shape with a triangular facet; it is located on her right thigh.


Golden Beryl possesses standard Gem abilities and traits.


  • Sledgehammer Proficiency: Golden Beryl is able to summon her sledgehammer with extreme ease and is highly skilled with it.
  • Electroreception: Golden Beryl is able to sense electric, and energy fields around her and is able to use this to detect hidden objects, or creatures with in two or three yards.
  • Electrokinesis: Golden Beryl has the ability to send electricity throughout her body and her sledgehammer for extra power when attacking her foe.


Yellow Diamond:

Golden Beryl is highly loyal to her Diamond and will follow any orders without question from this gem. She take pride in her loyalty towards her. Although being a higher class gem Yellow Diamond doesn't seem too interested within her.


  • Golden Beryl was made by Fruitphox before being raffled off.
  • Golden Beryl made an appearance in The Queen of Fire.


  • Golden beryl and heliodor are both names that are used interchangeably, however there is a distinction between them, heliodor is a greenish yellow, while golden beryl is a purer yellow
  • Heliodor may also be used to describe orange and brown varieties of beryl
  • Golden beryl is part of the beryl family, putting it along side gemstones such as emerald and aquamarine


Image Description
Fruitninja155's Golden Beryl gemstone Golden Beryl's gemstone is on her right thigh.

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