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None of this is Canon, but as far as Azriel is concerned, it's canon to them. It shouldn't be considered canon in the "Steven Universe" universe, and nobody has to follow the canon rules of TopazriVerse.


Golden Beryl is a Beryl in Cora Sun-Drop Diamond's court.






Golden Beryl can bubble, shape-shift, summon his weapon and retreat to his gemstone. He possesses standard gem abilities and traits.









  • Beryl is a beryllium aluminum silicate that occurs in every color of the rainbow.
    • When green, it's usually called emerald but there exists green beryl, which is not entitled to be called emerald because its coloring agent is different. When blue, it's aquamarine and when pink, morganite. Yellow is heliodor and colorless is goshenite.

      A trillion cut golden beryl.

  • A rare raspberry red variety found in Utah is called bixbite.
  • There is a very rare and costly variety termed Riesling beryl, that can be described as pale green colored with a warm, golden yellow flash.
  • Two unusually dark blue types of beryl have been found as well: Maxixe beryl and True Blue Beryl. Maxixe beryl fades with exposure to light, True Blue Beryl does not.
  • Beryl has been used as a physician's tool and for gazing stones since ancient times. Those beliefs persist today.
  • Beryl is metaphysically attributed with the ability to cure a number of intestinal and stomach ills, such as nausea, ulcers, and seasickness.


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