Freyna is a ringwoodite that came to being through GP(Golden Pearl) and a Vivianite .She was born slightly defective due to the fact that her gem kept cracking.She was sent to the center of the earth so that her gem and powers would stay intact until she was strong enough to come unfortunately,FR was taught wrongly and is now hell-bent on revenge and plans to make the world her own.


Freyna is a sassy gem who just wants to rue the world. She doesn't like/love anyone but Jackie whom stayed underneath with her. She also talks just a little too much and has a slightly playful personality.


She wears this [1] which is supposed to be a light blue color.She was a huge mass of curly kinky hair that is a lighter blue. she is slightly plump,but still curvy and has a roundish face


Cryokinesis: Freyna has the ability to control all aspects of ice