Fluorite is a gem who can be trusted. She can easily be scared and often panics. She loves to move as a group and always follows the majorities than her own opinion. So far she is used in Chemiisan's roleplay.


She is an average tall gem with dark green hair and orange eyes that matches with her light purple skin. Her gem is located at her navel. Fluorite wears a knee length, short sleeves and a V shaped neckline dress with a belt and a cut out for her gem. She wears platform boots. So beautiful!



Fluorite has no summoning weapon. Give her mercy!

But she owns a purple yeah



Fluorite, like other gems can bubble, fuse and others.

Shapeshift- She can shapeshift. Of course all gems can do it, but when Fluorite does it, she can also change her gem placement and have the abilities and summoning weapon of the gem she shapeshifted. Example, she turns into Lapis, she has hydrokinesis and wings.


Fluorite looses her energy everytime she shapeshifts into another gem with their abilities, which means her shapeshifting power is limited

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