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"You don't deserve to be here.'

‎This is a disclaimer: None of this is set in stone outside of GraceVerse. Nobody has to follow this canon, but as far as Grace is concerned, it's canon to her. So you'll be fine. Also, do not edit her pages, unless she allows you to. She does not like it if you edit without her permission.

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She has caucasian skin, and wears a hat with a star on it, and there being a pattern of rainbow on it. Like at the edges. The color in this order: #ff666, #dd2652,#ffad33, #ffff4d, #99ff33, #4dffc3, and #99b3ff that covers her eyes. She has a shirt on that says "Who cares?" and wears a violet blue skirt. Her hair is also colored black and is tied into a ponytail


She seems to be laidback, and a bit selfish. She, on occasion, shows kindness and is willing to help others.



When fused with:


  • Wind Manipulation: Flora has the ability to control wind, and use it any way possible. However, she can use it to lift up animate objects. If she uses it as a weapon though, and you can see almost as if the wind was a shape.
    • Hydrokinesis: Flora is also limitly able to control water and use it as a weapon.
      • Anemokinesis: Since clouds are a form of water, she is able to control clouds.
      • Weather Manipulation: Hence the ability to control clouds, she is also able to control the weather.
  • Healing: Flora is able to heal others, but needs to leaves to help her do this.



  • The phenomenon fluorescence was named after fluorite
  • Every colour of the rainbow can be represented in fluorite

A example of the more multicolored Rainbow Fluorite.

  • The name fluorite derives from the Latin word fluo meaning stream or flow, usually referring to water.


Image Description
TBA Flora's gem is located on her fingernail. It is shaped like a star.


  • I just realized her name basically means Grass Stream Singing, and if you turn that out a bit around it becomes Singing Grass Stream. This is totally a coincidence.

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