"Fire Agate" is the fusion of Cat's Eye and Purple Pearl. She made her first appearance in RP Se7en: Episode 2: Project Phoenix.


Fire Agate a couple of inches taller than Opal. She has a face similar to Cat's Eye and a build similar to Pearl, and has light purple markings on her body. She wears an light brown top with an orange skirt, with purple sleeves and a purple diamond on the front. She wears purple socks with orange ballet flats.


She is very calm,cool and collected, but like her fusors, she has a great sense of humor and likes to play around. She can read people's expressions and is very considerate about the people around her.

Ready, Blue Light?

—Fire Agate to Celestite, [RP Se7en: Episode 2: Project Phoenix]



She easily fused with her, showing that her fusors are on very good terms with Celestine.

Orange Diamond(Orange Diamond)

She greatly respects his leadership and is amused that he hasn't fused in a while, but still carries out his orders


Very little is known about their relationship, but she was the first one to witness her fusion.



Fire Spear- She wields a powerful fire Spear as her weapon. She can wield up to four at a time for melee attacks, and can blast damaging fire and energy blasts for a ranged attack.

Unique Abilities

Pyrokinesis- True to her name, she can generate and control fire.

Gyrokinesis- Picked up from Cat's Eye, she can control the gravity around her.

Psammokinesis- She can control, up to a Lapis Lazuli scale, a great amount of sand.

Nubikinesis- She is also able to control clouds, and mix that with her fire power to create electricity. She can move the cloud and the electricity can blast one target or multiple targets at once.

Holo-Army- Like PP, she can summon holographic versions of herself with almost the same powers as her. She can summon up to 10 at a time, but this requires maximum concentration.




Image Description
Fire Agate Cat's Eye
Cat's Eye's gemstone in Fire Agate. It's located where her left eye should be.
Fire Agate Purple Pearl
Purple Pearl's gemstone in Fire Agate. It's located at the center of their upper chest.

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