Feldspath Nacre, full name Feldspath Nacre Facet-4G6H Cut-9WA, is a Gemsona made by Silk 


Moonstone is a good friend, albeit slightly overprotective (trying her best to heal people whenever they so much as almost trip over a pebble). She likes ramen and fruit, and dislikes kids, not because of the kids themselves but because of the concept that makes them exist.

She prefers to call herself Feldspar.


See JPG.

Her gem is a round sphere on the middle of her forehead, however her bangs cover it.

Weapons & Abilities

Moonstone has the basic abilities of any gem.


Moonstone has no known fusions.

Unique Abilities

  • Telekinesis: Feldspar has telekinesis, meaning she can move things using her mind.
  • Spin Dash: Like Jasper and Amethyst, Feldspar has the ability to spin dash, which involves rolling her body into a ball and spinning towards a foe.
  • Moonlight Healing: Using the power of the moon in her gemstone, Feldspar can heal any ally. However, this can go awry if she doesn't have any good feelings towards that person.
  • Creature Creation: Feldspar has the ability to produce and command Microclines that aid her in battle.


  • Her regens vary; for example, she wears just a pink t-shirt and shorts.



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