Evil Garnet aka Rubellice is the shipping of Rubellite (Goldensunsheba) and Snow (Pokemonboy3000)



Hints (WIP)

Escape from Homeworld

  • Ice is extremely happy when she learns Rubellite would be joining her on earth
  • Rubellite called Ice "Ice, Baby" in response to being called "Hot Head"
  • Rubellite carried Ice both times she was rendered immobile by Rose's sheild.
  • Ice told Rubellite that she is "the only gem I would never inflict serious pain onto for pleasure"
  • Ice and Rubellite only ever listened to each others plans and disregarded ideas made by other gems.

The Drill: Shattered Pieces

  • When Snow thought she was going to die her last words were wishing she could see Rubellite again.
  • Rubellite saved Snow from death and protected her until she reformed.
  • They stopped fighting to have an emotional conversation, and Rubellite even hugged Ice.

Broken Apart by War

  • Ice states that Rubellite is the only gem she can trust, and lets her have free reign in the prison
  • Rubellite feels guilty about failing Ice and seems
  • to be more concerned about Ice being mad than Blue Diamond.
  • Ice decided to join Rubellite on her mission instead of guarding the prison.
  • A subtle hint but Rubellite is the only other gem that is able to open the door to Ice's room.

The Gala

  • Ice asked Rubellite to go with her immediately after getting an invitation.
  • Ice threatened Lonsdalite after he insulted Rubellite
  • Rubellite threatened MM after he joked about Snow's past.
  • Ice and Rubellite both complimented each other's outfits

Trials of Fire and Ice

  • Literally the entire Roleplay.

The Tag Team Tournament

  • They chose each other as partners.

The Shattering Squad

  • Rubellite showed concern about Ice's whereabouts and wanted to reunite with her.

The Phantom Gala

  • Even though its against the rules they chose each others as partners.
  • Literally the entire Role play could be considered a Rubellice shipping party.


  • In a what if scenario where Rubellite was shattered Snow cried and vowed to kill the gem responsible.
  • Ice has stated on many occasions her favorite color is red


  • This is apparently a very popular ship with both Homeworld and Crystal gems in universe.


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