Eternal Suffering is the shipping of Rael's Moussaieff Red Diamond and Dani's Coral.



Gasara-PinkRoseWhile Moussaieff and Coral haven't met up in canon (yet), there will be an instance at some point. Eventually?

Gasara-PinkRoseMoussaieff was Coral's date to the Centennial Gala.

Gasara-PinkRoseGasara-PinkRoseThey both left the gala together, very early.

Gasara-PinkRoseThis is the main ship of Rael and Dani.

Gasara-PinkRoseGasara-PinkRoseThe close seconds are Thunder Thighs and God/Sciple.

Gasara-PinkRoseThere's an abundance of inside jokes pertaining to Coral being 2'7" and Moussaieff being 16'9".

Gasara-PinkRoseGasara-PinkRoseNot dirty jokes. Don't be weird.

Gasara-PinkRoseIt has been confirmed through both Dani and Rael that Moussaieff and Coral are polyamorous.

Gasara-PinkRoseGasara-PinkRoseThis may be hinting at other Skies-Verse or Raelniverse ships involving MRD or Coral to also be canon.



Gasara-PinkRoseMost of this happens in Skype or on chat.

Gasara-PinkRoseMoussaieff Bot Diamond is a jerk to Dani.

Gasara-PinkRosePink Roses and Heart Divider credit to Gasara



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