Emerald is a spy for the Crystal gems. She is an enforcer on Homeworld but secretly sends any plans to the Crystal gems if Homeworld plans attacks or attempts to break the treaty. She fought in both gem wars, becoming close friends with Garnet and pearl, never agreeing with Amethyst's energy or creation. Although she never met Rose Quartz she still kept contact with her but stopped when Steven was born.

She is close friends with Onyx but is weary of Pyrite due to her harsh nature.


Emerald's gem can be found on her right shoulder. Her skin is pale green with dark green stripes around her wrists and ankles. Her hair and dress are both brighter shades of green, her hair paler that her dress.

She is the same height as Pyrite, much shorter than Onyx, although he doesn't mock her height like he does Pyrite's.

Emerald has a yellow diamond on the left side of her chest.


Emerald has a vibrant spirit around friends but acts as a true soldier around other Homeworld gems. She can be very skeptic towards those she mistrusts. When fused Emerald will normally be submissive unless provoked, often causing the fusion to break. Emerald keeps a gem destabilizer on her at all times but rarely uses it, not believing that tech can do a better job that gems.

Emerald has an open belief about Gem-Human mating and has repeatedly tried to find a human mate before backing out saying that she wants to live longer. If fused for too long with a gem Emerald loses sight of herself and hands over full control to the latter.


Emerald possesses traits and abilities that are common among all Gems.

Emerald can summon blades that run down her arm from her gem and is very well trained with their use. Unlike Onyx, Emerald is ambidextrous, able to fight with both arms/blades. Emerald is surprisingly strong and able to endure heavy attacks from other gems and objects. Despite this, Emerald is very protective of her body, liking to poof and regenerate if given a scratch.


  • When fused with Onyx they form Serpentine
  • When fused with Pyrite they form Chalcopyrite
  • When fused with both Pyrite and Onyx they form Chrysolite


  • Blade proficiency: An ancient gem named Elder Emerald trained many other Emeralds how to use their individual weaponry. Emerald was one of her most prominent students, and definitely her proudest. She is able to duel wield her blades and can challenge gems much stronger than herself and win without struggle.
  • Blast wave: Emerald is able to emit a wave of energy capable of blasting away foes and stunning them. It can also act as an EMP, strong enough to shut down small electronics.

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