Dumortierite Quartz, who goes by Dumortierite, has light blue pale skin, a loose-fitting grey-blue top with the side stitched, a blue satchel, black framed glasses, strapped blue pants with another satchel, and dark purple boots. Due to his botched incubation, Dumortierite is very skinny. He wears earth glasses to correct his eyes, which were damaged by the incubation. They seem to be the only thing that works.


Dumortierite is very cheerful, but is often subject to mood swings. He'll get anxious about his appearance due to the incubation process, but not very often. He's obsessed with Crystals & Gems, or C&G, and will rant about it all the time. He's a bit of a hopeless romantic, and will have a new love interest very often.

A bit of a hopeless romantic, mega nerd, and more. Loves birdwatching and plays Crystals & Gems, or C&G, and constantly rants about it. Will read anything, and is always spurting out random facts at the worst times. Doesn’t know when to stop talking, and is a bit awkward. Coughs out “awkwaaard” and “weird” and “shame” and thinks that it’s stealthy, but it’s not. At all. A little bit of a self-esteem problem, and thinks little of them/himself because of their/his failure to incubate properly. They/he tries to ignore the topic as much as possible. He overreacts to the smallest things.


Dumortierite was unlucky from the start. His/their incubation process was botched, but that didn't stop Homeworld from making him work for them. He was put under work as an escort/guard for Blue Diamond for 1,0007 years. He got sick of it one day and found himself inspecting a ruby ship for damages. He decided to try to escape. He crash landed to earth, where he met Fancy Sapphire, and they decided they would become their own group.

Weapons and Abilities

Dumortierite has a pen-shaped spear, which appears when he hits his gem with his palm. This makes him/them available to pierce other gems, but not too badly. If he/they uses/use it a lot in an hour, he can use the pen tip to draw in the air. This drawing becomes a sort of electricity. He's an okay fighter, and has some trouble hurting others.