Dream Crystal (Lodalite) is a gemsona created by Ejons99


Dream Crystal is a very strict gem and keeps everything excatly like how it should be. Shes a control freak and hates it when something goes not how it should, but she does have a silly side to, but keeps that side hidden as it is not suited for her line of work. Some hobbies Dream crystal has include baking, cleaning and singin.


Dream Crystal is slender and long, she lacks some muscles but she is in no need of that. Her hair is thick and short, the color is brown. Her eyes are orange and her gem too (forehead) skin is red/brown.

She wears a puffy deep red vest with open shoulders. Her gloves goes all the way up to her armpit, leaving abit of skin to be shown. The gloves and shoes are a dark sandy color. On her legs she wears black skintight pants.


Dream Crystal was born from a dream Peridot dreamt once. The dream predicted a long and slender gem, with a silky smooth voice. When Peridot woke up the gem sat next to her, staring. Peridot would have called the guards, but she felt an odd connection to this gem. So they spoke to each other and started to form a bond, Dream Crystal would oddly follow Peridot were ever she went. Peridot found it annoying first but later on she accepted this gem as her "left hand".

Dream Crystal finally found a purpose.


Standard Gem abilities like shapshifting, fusion ect.

Dream walk - Dream Crystal walks trough dreams and affect them in different ways, cant be used to hurt people. Only mess with them slightly.

Teleport - Similar teleport like Infinite Stone, can only teleport herself.

Mirror Shield - a transparent shield like wall that deflects attacks and projectiles, the shield is very brittle and breaks upon constant pressure.


Dream Crystal was the hardest to design, i went trough many different looks until i accepted this simple design.

Dream Crystals voice has a weird echo sound effect to it, to make it sound more dream like and unreal.

Dream Crystal is really obsessed over Peridot, protecting her, even from her friends some times. She secretly wants Peridot all for herself.

She loves baking, mostly pies and muffins. As pies and muffins are Peridots favorite.

Dream Crystal is all about defence, while her two "siblings" are about offence and support. Hence why she has no weapon.