Diaspore is a fusion of Kunzite (Object) and Blue Topaz (SaltyPearl7152) owned by Object and SaltyPearl7152. Diaspore is a stable fusion like most fusions.


Diaspore's colors matches her respective gem. She has long and wavy bright purple hair reaching below her waist. She has two sets of eyes, violet on top and blue on the bottom, she wears a violet transparent visor. She wears a grey jacket and underneath a blue shirt with a mint colored star. She has two sets of arms, one in the normal spot for arms and one near her gem. She wears a bright purple skirt and bright purple star leggings. She wears black shoes.



Weapons and Abilities

Diaspore has standard gem abilities.


Diaspore's weapon is a long crystal sword. It is so sharp it can cut through steel. She often uses this.


Diaspore has standard gem abilities.


Diaspore can summon large wings that allow her to fly. They can not be summoned in small and tight spaces. This trait is adapted from Kunzite.


  • Diaspore may never appear in a fanon series due to it not being possible.

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