And then, the darkness returned...

Darkness returned...


It fades into twilight...

"Wake up, sleepyhead!"

The twilight shifted into color, once more. This time, I could see a green wallpaper, and some tiling above me, with some multicolored carpet below. The weird bluish fur on my head was back, along with the clothing and the hole in my face. And then... the figure I saw last time, yet another figure, but she had longer hair, and a higher-pitched voice. The woman spoke again.

"You up yet?"


"Too much for ya', huh?


"Aw, you're so adorable!"

That WORD again! I have no idea why, but it annoyed, and still annoys me so, so much. Then, the other turquoise figure spoke up again.

"So, you ready to work for the Grand Councilor??"

"Grahd Counts slir?"

The other figure then wrote down something on his paper. I read his thoughts to see,

Speech Impediment.

I quickly left, as the other one started speaking.

"So, what branch you wanna be in? Here, follow me."

She held my hand, and took me to this hallway with four different banners.

The first, depicting a line of other gems marching with weapons.

"The Armed Forces, the backbone of the invasion force, deployed to put down revolts and swiftly invade enemy planets from a mothership?"

The second, depicting a ship flying through the DARK BACKGROUND with all the swirling galaxies and stars...

"The Intergalatic Corps, Fliers of ships, defenders of airspace, deployers of the land troops?"

The third, a group of gems assembling a stand for a rocket, with one holding the rocket.

"The Engineers, who help assault heavily fortified land targets, and repair the ships?

The fourth banner, a gem jumping into another ship, melee weapon ready.

"The Sabotaging Regiments, who use their skill with agility and melee weapons to enter enemy ships and capture them? They're good at stirring up confusion in enemy ranks on the ground, too!"

"So, why don't you choose one?"

I looked directly at her face, as I had no idea. Maybe she would tell me which one I wanted.

She should join the ëæïðšñ

Oh no, it was happening again! I tried to focus on the banner.

But it was entirely black.

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