An ever-consuming force. Thick, dark, and empty. One of the two forces in the beginning, only time is as old as it.

It has been reincarnated into many forms over its lifetime. Evil, Chaos, Blackness.

And yet, it has been constantly constricted over the years. The birth of the first star. The birth of the Sun. The first candle. The first lightbulb. Until, over the years, it has been pushed back, gradually residing only in the very small corners of your bedroom. Children have been taught of "Good versus Evil", "Order versus Chaos", and to cheer for the good guys. But, I know the truth.

At first, there was only darkness. Then, out of the blue (or, black, I guess,) An explosion of light rocked the world. Billions of stars and galaxies, swirling around. Suddenly, I was consumed by a gradually blinding yellow-white light.

And then, a canyon wall appeared, above me, beside me, and across from me. In between, however, was a much different story. Brown floor. Green plants. Gray air. Swirling wind.

I looked around, and saw a flowing curtain of fur, which I realized was mine. I had some clothing, pretty nice. Maybe this world of non-darkness wasn't too bad after all.

And then, a figure, crouching down, staring intently at me.

"We've been expecting you, Miss Apatite."

Whoa, how did he do that? Was it with that opening on my face?

"H-uhhhnnn... ho..."

"Aw, you're so adorable! Come on, follow me!"

I crawled out of the hole, and imitated him, standing on my "body stabilizers." However they call them.

"Okay, so today, we're going to teach you how to use your abilities!"

"Uhh... Ahh... Bell... Bil i teez?"

"You got it! Okay, so first, reach into your palm... feel the forces of light phasing through you..."

Ugh! Again with this "Good versus Evil" thing!

I visibly cringed at him.

"Okay, okay, uhhh... Feel the forces of... darkness phasing through you!"

Maybe this guy wasn't too bad after all.

I felt a force surging through me, and then... a stick!

"Good job! Wait, a stick... That's not very... Yeah! Yeah, you got it! Yeah! Okay, now... try to... Apatite Apatite... look inside my mind... feel my thoughts..."

I concentrated hard on his face, and felt another dark force, as well as a few thoughts.

Oh, man, White's gonna kill me!

Gotta cheer up this gem, make her feel welcome...

Wow, this lady hates the light.

Hey, do I smell cheese?

And then, suddenly, both of out thoughts collided, like a diesel train collides with a semi-truck head on. It's a lot to handle.



çáñþ ĥœld fëèêēé...

And the darkness returned.

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