The Court Has Decided, You are GUILTY!

—DeYoung Sentencing The Puppet Master


DeYoung Can Turn Invisible and Has Telekinesis, He Can Disguise into anything.


DeYoung Is Serious Most of the Time, But he is funny Sometimes.


DeYoung is 4th In Command of the Diamond Solution, an Organization Deticated to Destroying The Puppet Master. He is The Announcer of the Court.


The Puppet Master

DeYoung Hates PM for Destroying his Dimension

Great Mogul Diamond

Great Mogul and DeYoung Are Brothers/Best Freinds, They Don't always get along, But their a Great Team

Wittlesbach-Graff Diamond

Wittlesbach is DeYoung's Girlfreind, She lightens him up and helps him not to be so Tense all the Time.


  • Diamond is often considered to be the hardest naturally occurring mineral on earth
  • Diamonds are pure carbon, meaning they are chemically similiar to graphite, which coincidentally is more stable than diamond
  • Diamond is often considered the most valuable gemstone and the queen of gems, a place once held by Opals


Image Description
DeYoung Red Diamond DeYoung Red Diamond's Gem is on his Chest.