—Danburite to Celestite


Danburite has Extremly Fast Reflexes and Telekinesis. But gets Fatigued depending on what he does.


Danburite has a Curious personality, He always wants to know everything, He also has a short temper.


Danburite was a homeworld General during the Rebellion, he Got Stranded During The Battle For Europe, He Got Poofed, The Regained Form, Only To Find The Clans In Control, he has fought them ever since.


Diamond Clans

Danburite Wants revenge for Killing his Diamond, that is why he hates their guts.


Bentonite and Danburite never liked each other, Bentonite and Him just worked together, they have rivalry over the better soldier.

Crystal Gems

Danburite reluctantly joined the Crystal Gems, He did it only to avenge White Diamond.


  • Danburite's First appearence was in the Secrets of War RP.
  • Danburite was based if General Grievous



Image Description
Danburite Danburite's gem is located on his Chest.

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