Notice: The information here does not follow traditional Steven Universe canon, though according to Amethystkitten it is considered canon in her universe.

Cuprite is one of the characters of Amethyst-Realm, she is yet to appear in a series.


Cuprite has raspberry wavy hair that flows down to her shoulders but is kept up in a pony tale secured by a flower pin. Her lips are puffy and taffy coloured. Her skin is spritzer and she has her fuschia ovular gem located on the top of her left hand.

She wears a wavy magenta dress with a black star in the middle of the top. The dress is held by a hot-pink belt and she wears fuchsia ballet flats.


Much like what he gemstone name appears to be derived from Cuprite is a hopeless romantic. She spends much of her life searching for "the one" and flirts with other gems relentlessly. She is dubbed as the gem flirt because of this. She however hates her nickname Cupid and will grow a thick shell to attack with when angry.


Beguile: Possibly relating to her hopeless romanticness, Cuprite can beguile other gems making them fall for her instantly though the spell only lasts 1 hour and afterwards her "victims" retain no memories of the spell.



Afghanite is Cuprite's best friend. In Hopeless Circles it was shown that Cuprite relies on Afghanite shown when she accidentally beguiles Rose Water Opal and immediately requires Afghanite's help. She also shows a bit of jealousy towards Afghanite as she recognizes that Afghanite is far smarter than her. In Keep On Walking it is shown that despite this, she would do anything to protect her friend.

Rose Water Opal

Rose Water Opal and Cuprite are very close friends often telling jokes and wasting away the day laughing with one another. Both of them appear to have very clear feelings toward one another which Cuprite's beguiling spell from Hopeless Circles, put into view and this was again shown at the end of the episode. Despite this they chose not to pursue anything as of yet as they wish to remain friends and only friends for the sake of their team.


  • During the concepting of Time and Time Again Cuprite was initially going to be the protagonist, however that scrapped after Afghanite was developed and thus became the central focus of the series.


  • Cuprite is an oxide mineral, composed of copper oxide and is a minor ore of copper
  • It is often found in association of azurite, malachite, tenorite and other iron oxide minerals
  • Another name for it is "Ruby Copper"
  • If it wasn't as soft as it is, a 3.5 to 4 on the mohs scale, it could be considered one of the most valuable gems on the planet


Image Description
Cuprite's gem is a raspberry colored oval with no facets. It has a a ring around the edges, much resembling Pearl's gem.
ve Time And Time Again

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