This is what happens when the gems from the rp Crystal rebellion are not fighting major threats.

Story 1: Pizza?

*One day at the hill Tanzanites crystal gem division live on. Tanzanite: Hey Jade, have you ever wondered what pizza tastes like?

Jade: Whats pizza?

Tanzanite: Its uh... I dont know actually.

Celestite: Why dont we ask Steven.

Jade: Great idea.

The three gems walk to the crystal temple.

Steven and amethyst are outside playing steven tag.

Amethyst: Yo whats up guys.

Steven: Its Celestite and the others. Do you guys need anything.

Jade: STeven whats pizza.

Steven: Oh its like a circular half sandwich with tomato sauce and cheese that you can put anything on.

Amethyst: Why dont you show them.

Steven: Alright here we are fish stew pizza. the place where pizza magic happens.

*They walk in

Keke: hey steven who are you new friends.

Steven: Keke this is Tanzanite, Jade, and Celestite.

Jade: Where here to find out what pizza is.

Keke: you came to the right place.

Jenny walks in with an extra large supreme pizza.

THE gems all take one bite then devour the entire thing.



Creator: Soulwarriorsexpert67


Blue Celestite: Periandlapis

Tanzanite: Soulwarriorsexpert67

Jade: Soulwarriorsexpert67

Steven Universe: Soulwarriorsexpert67

Amethyst: Soulwarriorsexper67.

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