Coral owns a multitude of weapons which she stores in the same pocket universe as her sea creatures.



One of her more well known of weapons is her large battle axe which she carries every where outside of her own world. It is five feet in height and has a blade which is hollowed in the center in the shape of a heart, measuring at two feet long. Only rarely does she use it in present times.



Coral's summoned weapon is a basket hilted rapier of blood red and light pink colours. It is nearly three feet in length but can be modified to be longer, shorter, broadened, or even hilariously sized. To match her original design, the basket of the hilt is designed to resemble a mammalian skeleton.



Small child, large toy.

Coral possess standard Gem abilities and traits.


  • Sword/ Axe Proficiency : Coral has been seen to be very skilled with a sword (esp. rapier) and axes (esp. battle axes). She is easily flexible and swift with her rapier and extremely powerful with her axe.
  • Speed : Coral has been shown to be not only strong and flexible but also very speedy, able to get from point A to point B without worry.

Unique Abilities

  • Pocket Dimension Creation : Coral can create a miniuniverse in one of her bubbles but she can never make more than two dimensions.
  • Hydrokinesis : One of Coral's carried over abilities is the ability to manipulate water, more often than not, her bubbles. She uses this to house her marine life.

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