Coral is a short gem of pink variations. She has long, light pink hair and lighter skin. She wears a white, loose crop top, a slightly pink tinged skirt, and a pair of sleeves of a pink colour. Her Gem on her upper arm is covered by her sleeve and she doesn't wear shoes.

5000 Years Ago

In her earlier years, Coral had Sugar Skull designed markings on both her arms and her face; lace around her eyes, flower on her forehead, vine-like laces on her cheeks and arms. She also had extremely long hair which dragged on the ground, off the shoulders crop top, pleated skirt, and flats. Her colour was also darker due to having less exposure to the salt water and the sun and left her gem covered due to her belief in superstitions linked to bad luck.


Coral has a fairly playful personality but is otherwise extremely calm in public. While she doesn't like leaving Homeworld often, she enjoys seeing places other than her room. She likes to keep things the way they were; simple and old school.

When with her friends, she acts more unruly and can be almost destructive if brought to it. This is also shown during the war when she fought with a smile to protect those she loved.



Coral and Sodalite were best friends on Agualinda until they were separated by the Diamond Picking.

Argyle Pink Diamond

Coral was hand picked by Argyle to serve as a Guardian for Feulea. They hold a very suspicious thought toward each other and otherwise barely interact.

Rosaline Pearl

Rosaline is a bit jealous of Coral in that she gets more attention that Rosaline does. Coral doesn't always acknowledge Rosaline and her worth as much.

Sonora Sunrise Jasper

Sonora and Coral often work together on the field whenever they're needed together. Otherwise, the two rarely interact.

Coral Pearl

Coral sees Coral Pearl as though she were a big sister, often following her moves but sometimes going against her.

Bordeaux Pearl

Coral enjoys Bordeaux Pearl's presence in her life, seeing him more as a brother than a mentor.


Image Description
Coral's gemstone is located on her mid-upper arm, and is a cabochon. Its overall shape is an oval.
A photo of an actual coral gemstone.


  • While Gems do not require sleep, Coral enjoys napping.
    • She naps because she doesn't see what there is to do at night.
    • This also applies to eating because she enjoys food.
  • Her favourite animal are bunny slugs.
  • Coral is pink because of her extreme exposure to sunlight underwater causing her natural colour to fade.
  • Coral was meant to resemble or be similar to Ruby of RWBY.
  • Coral is polyamorous and pansexual but takes a liking to buff, feminine Gems.
  • It is thought that Red Coral are meant to foretell recovery from illness when dreamt of.
    • This may explain why Argyle was keen to transfer Coral into her court.

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