"Coral" is a gem that debuted in True Heroes Role Play.


Coral has a pink short bob, and champagne-pink skin. She wears a peach dress along with a lace dress on top of it with a floral pattern. She is rather tall when compared to other Gems like Rubies and Peridots, and has an average build.


She is a Gem, which means she has standard Gem abilities, along with the following:


She can turn her physical form into pink mist whenever she desires, which allows her to avoid attacks directed towards it, although it leaves her gemstone vulnerable to attack.


Her usual state of mind is calm and disconnected. She doesn't pay much attention to other Gems if she's not interested, however she takes great displeasure from being disrespected. Despite this, she has an emotional, more passionate side of hers that can manifest under extreme circumstances. She enjoys doing strange things just to see the reaction of other people, and is quite a snarker on a bad day.

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