Coral is a gem made by Deyvan Salez. She is a newly made gem in the "Adventurers!" series... Then it died.


Coral is a careful, but wild in personality. She doesn't take lots of risks, but is loud and most of the time, but she does care about other people. She is newly made, and hasn't had much time to develop.


Coral is a brown gem, wearing clothes that go to her knee. She doesn't wear any shoes, or boots, but she has a helmet with glasses, allowing her to see better. Her hair is blue, but short and her eyes are also brown. She's typically short, and thin.


Coral was made as a normal gem.. Then, "Adventurers!", happened.. Then it died, so she just became a gem in the Era-2 line up of gems.


Basic abilites, without the ability to shapeshift or bubble.

  • Empathic telepathy- Coral has the ability to feel what other people are feeling, and depending on the situation, she can possess people
  • Increased sea mobilty- Coral moves much faster in the water, and can swim 10 miles per hour, depending on the situation


Will be revealed soon.