Copper is an OC created by Deyvan Salez


Copper is a bright brown gem with short, but not messy, hair. He wears no armor, and has limb enhancers to boost his height.(Which is 3 feet). He wears light armor without limb enhancers, but he generally doesn't wear something other than limb enhancers, unless scouting another planet.


Copper has a slingshot. Nothing special. He found it and made it his weapon during his travels. It is made out of an alien material, making it durable.


Copper is a naive, sensitive gem. He is EXTREMELY sensitive, and doesn't know much about the world around him. He gets mad easily, and is quite childish. He also is a bit nerdish. Overtime, he has only slightly became more mature.


Copper was created as an EXTREMELY flawed era-2 gem. People hated on him for "Not being what was expected" and was nearly shattered. He escaped on a small ship, and traveled through the world. Even then, he was still being picked on.


Basic era-2 gem abilites. That means, no shapeshifting, and is generally weaker than other gems.

  • Weather resistance- Copper is able to resist even the most harshest of weathers.. And that's about it

With limb enhancers

  • Arm cannon-Copper has an arm cannon he can use to fire beams
  • Tractor beam- Copper can use a laser to attract or push objects, however it is slow.
  • Finger helicpoters- Copper can make a helicopter with his fingers. It is actually pretty fast too.
  • Robonoids control- Copper can control offensive, defensive, repair, and all sort of robonoids with his limb enhancers.


  • Naive- Copper is naive, and doesn't know much stuff
  • Light, and easy to break- Due to Copper being era-2, he is very easy to poof or shatter
  • Weak- Copper isn't proficent in combat, and even if he did, he'd still be weak
  • Coward-Copper is a coward, and runs away from a lot of things.
  • Light- Copper is light, and sometimes can be pushed without effort.
  • Easily distracted- Copper is easily distracted.