Copal is a gem made and owned by Regimango.


Copal has hip length sunshine yellow hair. Her skin is an amber orange, with her gem being a matching orange oval on her throat. She has black fingerless gloves on each hand and black knee high tights. Her blouse is a yellow with two black diagonal lines across her chest.



Copal does not hold any resentment against Homeworld, although she does think it was rude of them to prematurely release her and then try and destroy her.

Orlov Diamond

Copal was extremely glad to find somewhere she could fit in, and Orlov's territory fit the bill.


She never really interacted with Azurite much but the few times they do talk Copal enjoys.


Copal has a bright and bubbly personality and is almost always enthusiastic about what she's doing.


Copal was in production on Homeworld for quite some time however, she was forced to finish incubating prematurely, resulting in her lack of abilities and impermanent shape. This defectiveness meant that Homeworld was going to shatter Copal, fortunately, she managed to escape using her state shifting powers. She was then told about Orlov Diamond's "Kingdom" and proceeded to make her way there.


Copal possesses no standard gem abilities.

  • State Shifting: Copal can change the state of her body from being solid, to as far as being a dense slow-moving liquid, like actual resin. Her whole body can undergo this shift, except her gem. If parts of her body flow away she can reform them after she resolidifies.
  • Natural Bubble: When in her liquid form objects, life forms and other gems can be preserved within. This can last for long periods of time as long as they do not leave the resin. Gems preserved in this manner can not reform.




  • Copal is Regimango's eldest gem as amber takes many years to form, even if it is only half way through the polymerization process.


  • Copal is a form of amber that is only part-way through the polymerization process.
  • Copal was used as a medicinal incense in pre-Columbian Mesoamerica.
  • Amber can often possess animal or plant inclusions such as mosquitos or leaves.
  • The name copal is derived from the Nahuatl word copalli, meaning incense.

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