"Connections" is the 1st episode of the first season in Sunset Dusk Dawn Moonlight, and the 1st overall episode of the series.


Two gems meet.


It was a light autumn day in the planet called Earth. It had been a long time...since an agreement between Homeworld and the Rebels had come to light. Some gems that knew about this questioned it. Most often no one said anything about it. Now onto our story, beginning with a Moonglow Topaz.

A gem sat down, looking, upset. "I sometimes question that treaty..." ve thought to viself. Moonglow Topaz smiled as ve stood up, heading for a gem communication place. Ve was hit by someone, as ve fell down. "Wow..." the gem laughed, almost maniaclly. "Are you okay?"

"What..." ve frowned. "Who even are you?"

"Umm..." ve laughed. "How do you not know who I am?"

"I am Siberian Blue Quartz, also known as the savior of protection! You can just call me Sibe," she declared.

"Queen of...what?"

"Eh...I will tell you another. Both because I am just tired and it is spoilers."

"Again...what? Why did you say spoilers?!"

"Umm..this is a fictional world. How are you not aware of that?"

Ve shrugged, as Siberian asked another question. "Ehh, whatever, anyway why are you here?" Moonglow Topaz looked down, still confused. Ve just shrugged as ve looked back at the blue quartz gem. "I was heading to the communication center."

"Of course," Siberian Blue Quartz murmured. "I will lead you." Moonglow Topaz nodded, as ve followed.




  • None


  • Unknown forest


  • Siberian Blue Quartz is revealed to be the 'Savior of protection'. It is unknown why she is called this.

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