"Communications" is the 1st episode of the first season in Sunset Dusk Dawn Moonlight, and the 2nd overall episode of the series.


Two gems meet.


"We are here!" The dark blue gem smiled, as she walked inside. "Have any questions?

"So...I ask you something..." Siberian then looked back at the alice blue skinned gem. "Hmm...?"

"It is just...I wonder why fusion isn't allowed."

"It is...of no importance right now." Siberian tilted her head off to the side.

Every gem inside then looked at the two blue gems, and starting asking questions and statements. The gems seemed to be of different diversity, from different symbols to different colored gems. Some of what the gems said were: "She's here?!", "Is that her?" "Why is she near that gem?

Siberian just kept talking to the blue topaz gem. "So here it is. Do you like it?" Moonglow Topaz nodded, and ve nodded.

"Hahahah, of course!"

"Now, I will show you some of the centers inside." Moonglow Topaz nodded, as ve followed the other blue gem.

After a while, they were done. They both laughed. "Heh, that was fun!" Siberian just nodded, as she looked off to the side.




  • None


  • Communication center


  • TBA.

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