Color Change Iolite is a character in Color Changers.


Iolite was formed under the lead of Color Change Agate.


Iolite has lilac skin with purple eyes and pale lavender hair, swept over her shoulders. She has a purple dress with an indigo half-moon over it. She is barefoot. Her gemstone is located on her neck.


Iolite is curious and trouble-causing.


Color Change Agate

As Agate is her leader, Iolite respects him greatly.

Color Change Topaz

Iolite often annoys Topaz.

Color Change Petalite

Petalite acts like Iolite's mother, thus creating a strong bond between the two.

Color Change Apatite

Apatite and Iolite hate each other.

Hot Springs Diamond

After Iolite freed Hot Springs Diamond, he is grateful to her.


Color Change Iolite possesses standard Gem abilities and traits.

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