"Clinohumite" is a gem made by BK.


He stands at 5' 6". He wears a red bandana around his head, faced backwards. He has short, yellow, curly hair. He has orange skin, and a gem located on his forehead. He wears a dark reddish-orange jumpsuit, covering his entire body.


  • Rampage: Clinohumite uses primal instincts to his advantage, running towards as enemy at an alarming pace, bashing an enemy with his staff. This is especially effective while he's mentally unstable.
  • Runes: Clinohumite has five runes, which he can activate to increase his power in different ways, each hanging on one necklace on his chest. These change his feelings about the battle he's in, changing his style.

Rune 1: Ymosodol Rune: Displayed as a red X. Increases his aggressiveness during Rampage and in general, making him more effective against gems with a defensive style, but struggles against other aggressive gems.

Rune 2: Aros Rune: Displayed as a blue X. Changes him to a more defensive style, making him more protective, and more afraid to run into combat unaided.

Rune 3: Helpu Rune: Displayed as a green +. Makes him more protective of others, and helping them in battle.

Rune 4: Dinistrio Rune: Displayed as a red X and + put together. Makes him overall more destructive, yet caring less for his safety.

Rune 5: Talgrynnu Rune: Displayed as a color-changing square. Only activated when all other runes are activated at once, but can have side effects. Makes him extremely aggressive and destructive towards enemies, yet defensive and supportive to allies.


Semi-shy, but kind and supportive to others, while vicious and destructive toward enemies. He can switch from the two at the tap of a clock hand, making him effectively rounded in combat, yet a bit socially awkward.


Occasionally goes insane, for some reason. It is unknown exactly which kinds of insanity he has, though he has a few of them.





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