Citrine is a scientist in the True Heroes RP, having close ties to White Diamond.


Citrine wears a sleeveless orange tunic with a red vail, a sky-blue dress that goes to her ankles, along with a pair of red sandals. Her hair is kept neatly in a pony-tail, but sometimes she's seen leetting it flow on her back, usually when she's feeling lazy.

Whenever she is at work, she wears a labcoat over her clothing and a pair of orange goggles.

Weapons and Abilities

Citrine's weapon is a shurkien, which she is capable of copying dozens of times, allowing her to create a storm of shurkiens towards any attacker. The only bad thing is that, while very effective at long range, she has little to no defence over smaller ranges.

She posses thermal vision, allowing her to spot heat radiating from nearby life-forms whenever needed. She also possess teleportation over small (approx. 10 meter) distances, which she frequently uses in dodging.

Hierarchical position

Citrine is a gemeticist, working for White Diamond. When the Geodism virus hit, Citrine was one of the first scientist put in charge of finding any sort of cure or vaccine for it. She has.. Yet to find a way to combat the disease, and now she is quickly losing legitimacy in the eyes of White Diamond and the other renowed scientists of the Gem Empire, which is a rather bad thing for her, considering the fact that creating a cure is her last chance of redemption.

If the cure fails, Citrine, since she is a quartz, will be demoted back to her "rightful" place as a soldier, where she will stand no chance.

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