Cinnabar is quite shy and loving, but she fights hard when she needs to.


Cinnabar is about the size of Amethyst, she has red skin and cherry red hair, her gemstone is a smooth circle, located on her right shoulder.


Cinnabar possesses traits that are common among all Gems.

Cinnabar seems to know a decent amount of Homeworld's culture that she gained before becoming a Crystal Gem.



  • Grappling Hook Profiency: Cinnabar is skilled in aiming and shooting with her grappling hook.
    • Whip: Cinnabar can use her grappling hook as a whip.

Unique Abilities

  • Photokinesis: Cinnabar can generate light from her gemstone.


  • Cinnabar is a dangerous material to handle due to the danger of mercury poisoning from the stone, this was recognised as early as the ancient Romans.
  • Cinnabar has been used for colouring as far back as the mesoamerican Olmecs, and Maya civilizations, most notably the "Red Queen" of the Mayans.
  • It can resemble quartz in its symmetry.
  • Cinnabar is a 2.0-2.5 on the Mohs hardness scale.


Image Description
Rsz cinnabargem
Cinnabar's gem is circular and located on her right shoulder, it has no facets
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