"Chesterite" is a gem made by BK.


He stands at 6'6". He wears a black cloak reaching from his shoulders to his knees, and a socks with combat boots on his feet. His hair is black and short, his skin is gray, and his gem is triangular and located on his frontal neck.


  • Sickness Manipulation/Allergy Manipulation: He can improve or weaken the presence of a virus, bacteria, or any other material that causes sickness. He can also remove allergies from or give allergies to a gem towards a certain material, but these wear off more the farther the enemy is away from Chesterite.


Personality: Attempts to be kind, yet perceived as "weird" to others. His self-induced sickness does not help how he is perceived, either.


Quirks: Accidentally casted a rare disease on himself.


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