Notice: The information here does not follow traditional Steven Universe canon, though Object considers it canon in her universe, which is Object Land.

Cherry Blossom Stone is a gemsona owned by Object. She tends to be excellent in the skills of fixing items and mechanics. She is one of the protagonists in Journey Through Earth (Series).


Cherry is a good hearted and caring person, and likes to joke around a lot. However, she still has a serious side and knows when enough is enough. She has a passion for engineering and fixing things.

Cherry can be very stubborn at times, and is never afraid to fight back. For example, if she is annoyed, she often refuses to talk and become sarcastic. However, Cherry is still usually good hearted.


As a young gem, Cherry loved technology and often studied it, fascinated in what Earth always invented. She finally meets her dream when she becomes old enough to fly to Earth and live there for the rest of her life.

Although it wasn't all that great, as she wasn't expecting many things. After Journey Through Earth (Series) takes place, Cherry met the Crystal Gems and helped them on missions and stayed with them, until she later left to find her own path. Cherry currently resides in a small home on Earth as a mechanic/engineer, by herself.


Like all other gems, she can shape shift, heal by going in her respective gem, inhuman strength, etc.

Unique Abilities

  • Shape Shifting Talent: Cherry has a natural talent in shapeshifting, being able to shape shift into a wide range of objects.



  • Cherry has a somewhat romantic relationship with Pyrope, although it's more of Pyrope liking Cherry and Cherry oblivious to the entire fact.
  • Her favorite food is cookies. (Specifically thin mints)
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