They are all empty shells, but not me... They all simulate feelings and personality, but I actually have feelings and personality. Hehahaha... They will pay...

—Charcoal, TBA

Charcoal is a Limbo Gem persuaded to despair's side, and confirmed not to be a fusion. She has currently not appeared.


Charcoal is a gem with nearly black skin and very dark orange freckles on her face. She has vibrant, long red hair that goes down to his crotch. It slowly transitions into a vibrant yellow at the bottom. This hair also covers his three eyes and is quite messy. When revealed, the irises are just purely black. Her hair seems to radiate warmth and a red glow. The teeth in her mouth are sharp.

She wears a slightly desaturated orange shirt that is ripped off at the navel and stops at the elbow. The front of her shirt has the image of some rocks lit on fire. Other than that, she has uninteresting navy blue trousers, a slightly desaturated orange belt and dark brown shoes.


Charcoal is easily manipulated by people, and is very soft and can't even take an insult. She barely wants to fight and will find any solution possible out of it excluding death. They are the type to go with the popular opinion over the minority. Otherwise, she is also very easy to break down and is very self-degrading.

When a part of the Limbo Gems, she seems much more confident in her actions. She is aggressive and careless to the people around her excluding other members of the Limbo Gems. Her primary way of spreading destruction is encouraging everyone fall to despair and help them destroy the galaxy, and she almost finds killing fun. She's still very soft on the inside.


To be expanded due to the lack of interacting with anyone yet.


She has all the regular abilities of a gem, including but not limited to, superhuman statistics and bubbling. Her unique signature weapon are giant matches.


Weapon Proficiency - Charcoal is experienced in handling most weapons such as hammers, axes, bows and more due to her former purpose.

Unique Abilities

Pyrokinesis - Charcoal has the ability to manipulate and bend fire to her own wills. It is rare to see her use this in combat.

Superhuman Reflexes - Unlike most gems, her reflexes are past superhuman.

Enhanced Voice - After joining the Limbo Gems, she gained an enhanced voice that can influence people easier. This helps with her despair-inducing tactics.


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Image Description
CharcoalGem Charcoal's gem is a very dark grey and is located on her left forearm. It is the shape of a rock and is smooth.
CharcoalGemCracked Charcoal's gem is a very dark grey and is located on her left forearm. It is the shape of a rock and is smooth. This version is when it is cracked.