Champagne Pearl is a character that belongs to CocaColaBottle, and is a character in an upcoming series, Homeworld Missions. She is Champagne Diamond's pearl.


Champagne Pearl has light tan skin, short, cafe brown colored hair, and tan/brown eyes. She has on a peachy colored jumpsuit, with a brown, sheer tutu attached to it. She wears white, thigh high socks, and brown flats. She also has on light brown, fingerless gloves.


Champagne Pearl has a serious personality. She loves to do what Champagne Diamond says, no matter how harsh it is. She has a habit of telling her Diamond anything that seems to be "wrong" (her view of wrong). She can be somewhat caring, and does look out for Champagne Diamond's trusted soldiers, Sinhalite and Smoky Quartz


Champagne Diamond

Champagne Pearl loves Champagne Diamond. She trusts her, and is willing to help her majesty with anything, no matter how harmful it could be to her. Champagne Pearl hopes her majesty will give her a higher job than just standing around, while serving champagne to her every day.


Champagne Pearl doesn't have a good friendship with Sinhalite. She loves to snitch on her the most, even if she did nothing wrong, or if it's just a small case. Although she doesn't like Sinhalite that much, she does care for her, and will help her in some important cases.

Smoky Quartz

Champagne Pearl is pretty neutral with Champagne Quartz. She doesn't mind him that much at all, and is actually very considerate of him. She cares for Champagne Quartz, and will help him with most things.



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