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Celestite is kind, funny and bubbly,as well as obnoxious or childish at times. She tends to get overwhelmed in times of danger.


Celestite used to serve under Blue Diamond, but a gem who is later revealed to be tanzanite, convinced her to be a Crystal Gem by making her see the error of Homeworlds ways. She fought with Rose Quartz in the rebellion and survived the damage from the daimonds with the original Crystal Gems,Garnet, Rose, and pearl.


Energy Sword- Celestite wields an energy sword that can fire electromagnetic blasts of energy.


Celestite can nuclear blasts of energy that can cause a substantial amount of damage but they arent powerful enough to cause complete poofage.

Celestite can also hover or fly.

Celestite can also become invisible to prevent being seen by foes. the downside to this is that she cant attack while invisible or she’ll be revealed.


Jade (Soulwarriors) Jade is the romantic partner of Celestite they currently have a child named Margarite.

Tanzanite (Soulwarrior's) Tanzanite leads Jade and Celestite into battle as the leader of there group.

Celestite ((PAL))


White Celes (Lapidot)

(Made by ISS-Celestite changed her form to disguise herself for she wouldn't get caught by Fluorite)


(Form made by SaltyPearl)

(Second Celestine form made by Salty pearl)


(Original form made by Agunachopace)

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