You better think it over, cause I'm the best around! You'll need a thousand Jaspers, WHEN THE HAMMER COMES DOWN!

I'm bigger, badder, stronger! Your laying on the ground, you will not last much longer WHEN THE HAMMER COMES DOWN!



Zoilite was a off-color green ruby scheduled to be the first execution of a new Chalcedony. Fortunately, this particular Chalcedony couldn't find a reason to kill him and was declared defective for it. The two escaped together, growing close and eventually deciding to fuse permanently,(much like Ruby and Sapphire). The result is Carnelian.


Boisterous and loud, Carnelian is not a gem you want working against you. He is an overconfident and proud gem, but his power means he can back that bragging up.


Carnelian is a tall red gem of a stocky build. His gems are both on the backs of his hands. He looks surprisingly like a large, red knight, wearing heavy armor. He has a short, red crew cut and glowing, orange eyes. Technically, he also has a helmet, but he tends not to wear it.



As the only other Permafusion in the Crystal gems, you would think that Garnet and Carnelian would be good friends. And you would be dead wrong. Garnet and Carnelian find each other Extraordinarily annoying.


Pearl and Carnelian have a...weird relationship, since Pearl is good friends with Chalcedony...but is often annoyed by Zoilite.


Amethyst has the opposite problem from Pearl, she thinks Zoilite is AWESOME...but she also thinks Chalcedony is an annoying snob.


Beside standard gem abilities, Carnelian can use his hammer fire balls of flame-like energy. He can also propel himself forward using this energy, allowing him to move extremely quickly despite his massive weight.


  • Carnelian was inspired by multiple characters, most prominently Nora from RWBY and Reinhardt from Overwatch