Canary sapphire is a slightly nerdy yet athletic sapphire who is smart in random trivia, but rather clueless when it comes to street smarts and most other categories.


Canary is average height for a sapphire, with fluffy and short pastel yellow hair and darker yellow skin. Much

like the Canary Bird, she has feathery wings. Her eye is bright yellow and she wears a puffy shirt with a turtleneck like collar.


Canary might seem smart or strong, but honestly, she’s far from this. While she knows all sorts of trivia about things such as plants and gem growth, she has no street smarts whatsoever and would probably get into a strangers van. Due to not fully being one with logic she’ll often come up with the most weird explanations for why something may have happened. When she does this she is extremely stubborn in this idea and will not admit she’s wrong when she is. She is also easily distracted and isn’t always the best at focusing. Still, if you need help identifying types of birds or knowing dates in history, Canary can definitely help you.


Canary can see the future, but not very well. She‘ll often focus on the wrong details of her visions and stir up trouble around it. Due to this, she ends up benefitting more from her weak and fluffy wings more than her future vision. These wings can only take her a few inches in the air though.