"Brucite" is the fusion between Kornerupine, Prehnite, Pleonast, and Heulandite.


She stands at 9' 0". She wears a beige skirt bottom, with chainmail armor entirely over her arms and chest. Her skin is colored light green, and her head is covered by a helmet, revealing only one set of eyes, despite her having four. She wears roller skates, and has gems on her nose, left wrist, neck, and right hand.


A Winged Spear, about ten feet long. The front of the weapon is a winged spear, but the "wings" on the sides are replaced with two falchions. The back end of the weapon has a mace head on it.


  • Switchstream Aura: She has two auras that she can switch between, or turn off entirely. The aura goes around in about a 10 meter radius, but only works on those she deems "friendly". The auras take a lot of physical energy, and can cause her to be quite tired in the long run.

◾Healing Aura(Yellow): She can switch to this aura to heal wounds among her allies. It takes about 2 minutes to heal a large cut, to about four hours to heal a single cut-off arm or leg.

◾Speed Aura(Green): She can switch to this aura to increase the speed of her comrades, making them go 2.5 extra mph or 3 kilos per hour maximum.

  • Pressurization: She can increase or decrease the pressure of an element in a 20x20x20(or less) foot radius. Examples: Air Pressure, Heat Pressure, Pressure in general.
  • She can manipulate smoke and smog and can create and control any kind of air pollution(excluding sound pollution), but cannot manipulate other pollution.
  • Mountain Traversing: She is also great at traversing rocky and uneven terrain, and treats it like her homeland.


Not very well coordinated, but a tough opponent to face as an enemy. Constantly switching battle plans and maneuvers. Humorous, joyful, and yet easily annoyed.



If you want me to stay, you're gonna have to stop doing that.

—Prehnite to Heulandite

Now, we all know who's elected leader here-

—Kornerupine, attempting to stabilize the fusion.

I can finally be free of my curse.




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