"Blue Topaz" is a Topaz pilot under the command of Blue Diamond, that carries soldiers, and Gem-elites.


Blue Topaz is a very meticulous gem. She will obsess over the tiniest things, especially if it's something to do with her ship. She is also interesting in new things she encounters on planets she has never been on before.


Blue Topaz is around medium height. She has turquoise skin and medium long, blue hair. She wears a light blue uniform with a white undershirt and a blue diamond symbol around her neck. She wears dark turquoise shorts and dark blue boots. Her gemstone has a pentagon shape and is located at the center of her chest.


Blue Topaz possesses standard Gem abilities and traits.


  • Night Vision: Blue Topaz has the ability to see pitch-black environments with ease.
  • Holographic Projection: Blue Topaz is able to produce a hologram from her gemstone much like Pearl.

Unique Abilities

  • Invisibility: Blue Topaz is able to turn herself invisible for several minutes at a time.


Blue Diamond

Due to being a pilot that has transported members of her court, Blue Topaz has had brief interactions with Blue Diamond.

Blue Agate

Blue Topaz has transported Blue Agate on several missions prior to their most recent one. Blue Topaz follows the Quartz commander's order precisely.


Blue Topaz has somewhat of a rivalry with Tanzanite. This is due to both of them trying to preform maintenance on Blue Topaz's ship at the same time; which typically results with Blue Topaz getting angry with the maintenance worker.

Rubies: Seeker and Valor

Much like Blue Agate, Blue Topaz has transported these two Rubies on several missions before.



  • Topaz is an 8 on Mohs hardness scale
  • The most valuable topaz are usually golden yellow-orange topaz
  • Virtually all blue topaz have been heat treated
  • Blue topaz are the most commonly used type of topaz in jewelry


Image Description
Fruit's Blue Topaz gem Blue Topaz's gemstone is located at the center of her chest.