Blue Spinel is a gem based on Frisk from Undertale


She is caring, and does not want to hurt anyone, but she has to sometimes (such as during the war). She often does not talk much (again, this trait is altered by the war). She is a little awkward and terrible at small talk. She is a strategic fighter (when she has to)


Blue Spinel is small, about the size of Peridot, she has brown hair and a small, hexagonal facet gemstone on her forehead.


Blue Spinel possesses traits that are common among all Gems.


Blue Spinel has yet to fuse.


  • Sword Proficiency: Blue Spinel wields a sword. An occassional spar with Green Spinel taught them how to fight if need be.
    • Light Blast: Blue Spinel can shoot a star shaped projectile from her sword to push the enemy back.

Unique Abilities

  • Light Shield: Blue Spinel can summon a light shield to block oncoming attacks


  • Spinel is considered to be a soothing stone because of its calming energy.
  • Different healing properties are attributed to spinel depending on its color.
  • Spinel is a non-traditional zodiac stone for Gemini and is associated with the planet Mercury.
  • Spinel is the magnesium aluminium member of the larger spinel group
  • Spinel was occasionally referred to as "balas rubies"
  • Many famous "rubies" are in actual fact spinels, examples include the Timur ruby and the Black Prince's ruby


Image Description
Rsz bluespinelgem
Blue Spinel's gem is located on her forehead. It has a hexegonal facet, and a violet ring hidden in her skin.

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