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Notice: The information here does not follow traditional Steven Universe canon, though Object considers it canon in her universe, which is Object Land.

Blue Spinel is a Gem OC owned by Object. She is a member of The Corrupted Gems (Team).


Blue Spinel does not seem to show much of personality, due to the fact she is bossed around by Hematite and has little control on what she can do. She appears to try to resist the control, showing she has a determined side. She seems saddened whenever she sees Kunzite or the other main characters, and seems to rather encourage them rather than helping Hematite. She fully shows this attribute when she sacirfices her life to help the group get out.




Blue Spinel is often seen with Hematite, being bossed around to attack Kunzite and the group. At one point, she refuses to attack them, but Kunzite does not notice this and kicks Spinel, causing her to fall over and look saddened.

Hematite screams at Spinel for this and orders her to attack them threatening to shatter her gem. Blue Spinel begins to attack once more, but the group escapes to no avail. She is not seen until several episodes later in which she begs the group she is sorry, in which in response they ignore Spinel.

At the end of the episode, right when Hematite corners them, Spinel stops Hematite. She sacrifices her life to let the group go by passing her power to the system, causing the overwhelmence of power make the aystem explode. With all the energy sucked out of her gem, she tells the group to run, before the door shuts.

Spinel collapses to the ground, in which Hematite storms over asking why she helped the other group and not her. Spinel whispers that Hematite is a monster, before Hematite shatters her gem with a bow. Spinel, with the last of her energy, smiles sadly and her gem remaints is stored into a bubble, locked away permanently.

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