Blue Perennials, also known as Taverntine, Florvernier, Blue Rose, Blue Sunflower, and Blue Buttercup, is the pairing between Florentine Diamond and Tavernier Blue Diamond.

Relationship Overview


  • As shown in "Fancy Green," Tavernier was willing to help Florentine in her redemption with Homeworld.
  • Tavernier and Florentine had little to no trouble fusing into Fancy Green Diamond.
  • The two blushed at numerous instances in "The Gift."
  • After changing his form in "The Gift," Florentine kissed Tavernier Blue on the lips, a hint of a blossoming romantic relatisonship.
  • When Tavernier started to grow nervous of their safety in the upcoming mission in the same episode, Florentine comforted him.
  • Tavernier always tries to talk wiyh Florentine, a sign that he is willing to be friends.


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